Microdots is a club in Second Life
that tries to offer a broad set of styles of the best electronic music.
Feel free to browse and subscribe to our blog, and of course, come visit us in-world:


See you all there! :-)

Upcoming Micro-Events

Microdots will be part of this year's Burn2 Festival. The DJ line up will be announced pretty soon.


Psychedelic Sphere

Suddenly an invisible bubble surrounded microdots, i don't know where it came from, but it displays psychedelic video images and fractals in an amazing way.
(Recommended settings: Music stream and video stream on, but video sound off. You need quicktime to view it)
Check it out ^ ^


Microdots @ Burn 2.0

You heard that right! Microdots will be part of this year's Burn 2.0 Festival again!

For all of you wondering, the Burning Life Festival has been renamed to Burn 2.0. If you want to learn more, check the official site: http://www.burn2.org/

We will be there for the last weekend, on October 23-24, at the psy stage, organised once again by Barbs Kurka.

We are still working on the DJ line up, so we will not announce it just yet, but rest assured that it will be 32 hours full of amazing DJs, as always.

Did we mention that clarabella Weezles has been helping with the arrangements for the party and she will be hosting, too?

Stay tuned for updates on the DJ line up!